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Birthdate:May 10
I'm bad at filling out forms. I hate the little boxes they want me to put the letters of my name in. I'd rather write my name then murder it slowly by taking away each individual stroke and instead mimicking a type-writer in stiff, formal, dead letters that are separate and never touching. My name is not a mix of letters, my name needs the 'i' slanting so far to the right it's the slash of an 'x'. It needs the tail of the last 'y' to swoop elegantly and underline the whole thing. It requires with no room for negotiation the first letters of my first and last name to be curvy even when they really aren't curly letters. Then my middle name to be written as a proud tribute to my mother who shared her only name with me as she gave up her last to marry my father and she was never given a middle name. I really hate filling out forms because it reduces me to letters and fits me in boxes. SEX : F no room for negotiation. Single? Married? Divorced? Judge me based on these boxes alone and I seem so very boring so very normal so incredibly wrong because that's not me. I hate forms because they are necessary you want you need you must there is no escaping them. I hate filling out forms because you have to use blue or black pen and only write in print, because you read questions that are so blunt and a form of interrogation, because then you sign it with your name and it's not your name because it's in print right next to it and that is what they look at. Do these letter match with the letters in the box? Is this form right? Shall we move on to the next stage of shall we deny it because there's markings outside the lines? Here they marked with "x's" when we said it should be checks, here we asked for an explanation but they wrote in cursive. This ink isn't a standard blue wend it back, send it back, reject, reject, reject! I hate forms because it's a box full of boxes to shove us into and cage us.

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dennis mckeirnan, drawing (badly), fun, harry potter, i have the hiccups, knitting, lotr, marvel, pixar, random awesome, reading, star trek, the 90s, v for vendetta, writing
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